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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 21, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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easily outpaced the dow, the s&p and clearly the russell. david: by the way, caterpillar adding 22 points to the dow, that's a heavy component of the dow. let's not bury the lead here folks, another record. it is up from the 70s into the 80s on the dow. we're going up. trading to the upside as we hear this closing bell. looks like it might settle up from where you see it now. dow trading up a full half a percentage point, 88 points on the dow. same with the s&p in terms of percent, and those are the big gainers, the nasdaq not up so much but a good quarter percent gain and the russell 2000 bringing up the rear. we've got a busy hour. steve forbes. lot of things coming up this hour. "after the bell" starts right now.. liz: another name for the history books here, the dow industrials for today november
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21st. a record. let's get into the action along with the s&p. brian boyle of boyle capital says now is the time to buy into which sector? we will tell you. iur capital garrett ryan is here to tell you why you should keep a close eye on commodities, and we may be headed for a global money printing bubble. he is the voice of caution, at least slightly. dan, we begin with him at the floor of the cme. you got to see real action, it was the s&p index which trades right there on the floor of the cme that sees another record. 500 stocks doing beautifully once again, was it china? european union comments. mario draghi comments, what is it? >> the chinese is the most important. on a 40-basis-point move is a real number, that has a positive income and one economy we've been pretty much worried about, there's always been, can
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we depend on data? what are they doing? this is going to help a lot, especially if it gets real estate going again. david: i look at it differently, people were buying into u.s. equities because they're worried about china, worried about the central banks in japan, what they're threatening to do in europe. the markets today were betting on u.s. equities because our central bank is pulling back. their central banks are putting in. that's how i see it. do you see it that way? >> i do. i think what you and i see, everyone is falling in the bernanke playbook, saw what u.s. did with interest rates, quantitative easing and they said this looks pretty simple. we do that and our economy is going to do better and our economy is going to come out of recession, and our asset prices are going to go up, stock market is going to go up. it's not that easy, not how it really works, you can see it reflecting in the currencies.
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the yen is at a ridiculous level right now. david: the u.s. dollar is doing great. >> the dollar is on fire against the euro, against the yen, against the pound, against every currency out there. that's where you see a lot of the issues come out, and i think what's going to happen is a bubble that the central banks are creating, i don't know when it's going to come, when it comes and starts to pop, i think we're going to be in a world of hurt. liz: world of hurt, but brian boyle, you've watched this market, traded this market, you've bought, sold, don't fight the fed. don't fight central bankers. now have three major central bankers who are all in. the fed is pulling out a bit. would you say stay in equities, there's a screaming buy signal and it's the central bank. >> i think you are exactly right, liz. david hit it on the head when he said u.s. stocks are responding because they're seen as the best place. we continue to believe what's happening around the world today is positive for u.s.
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equities in particular, and think today is a catalyst and continue to like u.s. equities in the near future. david: garreth, i love brian, you can't have it both ways. either you believe in what the fed is doing by pulling back or believe in what the european and chinese and japanese central banks are doing by putting in. by printing more money, by doing what bernanke did, not what janet yellen is doing? which is it, garth? >> today's market action is positive. overall, the important thing for us next year will be what the u.s. markets do with the effect of stimulus overall. higher rates are on the way, everyone knows that. the ecb has been behind the curve for three, four, five years now, that really is the next story for european equity markets. u.s. markets have had the stimulus, it's come and gone, let's see what the s&p and
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broader equity markets do next year without the effect of the stimulus. yellen left the room with stimulus, let's see what happens next year. liz: she left the room, bring it back to currency, the dollar index which is trading the greenback against six european and other currencies, a basket of them, hit a 4 1/2-year high. this currency looks very strong. what is the trade there? what are you short? what are you long when it comes to currencies? >> you can buy dollars against anything you want. against yen, you can sell euro dollar, you can sell sterling dollar. i think you will find the dollar is going to continue the strength for the near-term into next year, and with the fed coming into -- indicating they're raising rates, there's only up to go for the dollar. the central banks cutting rates and stimulate the economies, the economy itself is in trouble, it's not a matter of
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cutting rates, it's a matter of stimulating the economy. the japanese had zero rates forever and economy still isn't going anywhere. they're trying to push the economy further and helping equities but not helping currency and not helping the underlying economy or the overall economy. david: if you think zero interest rates help anything, look at japan over the past 20 year, you may find a different answer. dan, here's a question about chinese. if the chinese begin to buy their own debt as we used to do up until the time qe ended, and they stop buying our debt because they can't spend all their money on u.s. debt, if they're buying their own debt. and the fed stopped buying our debt. buying a lot of our bonds. doesn't that mean that we may have trouble finding buyers for our bonds and doesn't that mean they may have to hike interest rates in order to lure buyers in? >> i don't know if the fed has to do anything necessarily with
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the short-term rates. it will have an impact on longer-term rates. keep in mind, our rate is high relative to the rest of the world. if that happens and china stops buying and the fed did buy quite a bit. the fed owns 40% of bonds. david: sure, they're not buying more debt, and won't they have to attract buyers by raising interest rates? >> i think the 10 year and the 30 year will definitely go up. and i think that's inevitable it's going to have to happen, and i think for a certain standpoint, we have no real return that the point in the bond markets because inflation expectations are shy of 2% and ten-year yield is above 2%. realistically, the real return is nowhere, where it needs to be. liz: brian, give us your two faves with all that's on the horizon, i guess, central bankers, a stronger dollar, what do you like right now?
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>> you were referring to a steepening of the yield curve, that's an area that would benefit financials greatly. we think the financials are attractive at this point in time. you have a company like bank of america, which is a proxy for improving domestic economy, benefits from higher interest rates. has a lot of operational improvement in front of it. we think shares remain cheap here. another one we like at boyle capital is aig, well below market multiples, lot of room for improvement. can benefit from a higher interest rate environment. david: gareth, talk about christmas and folks like amazon, people are going into amazon, amazon prime is doing quite well. they've had a lot of problems with products division, but again, when you come into a holiday season, you must think that they're going to get some boost, no? >> we've liked amazon for the last couple years, any pullback in amazon we continue to take
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bullish positions overall. yes amazon has done 15, 20%, if you look at longer term five year for amazon, it's up about 150%. yes, it's had a relatively tough year, but coming into what should be the best performing part of the year for amazon. we continue to like it. especially over $100 a share. david: we love to hear that scottish accent. we are going to be coming back to you for the s&p futures close in just a couple of minutes. liz: good to see you all. coming up, while many investors cheering the rally trying to will the dow to hit the 18,000 mark. does hope push it along? next guest says we would be better off with a 25% pullback? better off? you need to hear why this guest tells us he's even said he hopes stocks would plummet. david: and ready for some football or some other weekend
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fun but have no idea whether snow might get in the way, like the buffalo-jets game? a live report happening there. liz: big story. and a cost of a bigtime cancellation. both nbc and netflix canceled shows with bill cosby. what is the fallout? will cosby be able to come back from this. david: lee hawkins knows, he'll be here in just a moment. and we want to hear from you. send us a message on facebook or tweet at fbn, your answers later this hour. there was no question she was the one.
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. liz: the gap and gamestop taking big hits following quarterly results. david: let's head back to nicole petallides on the floor of the nyse for details. >> reporter: it was a record day and records across the board even in retail. two stocks that did not participate. two retail-type names. gap and gamestop. gap came out with numbers, when you look at the gap, they have old navy also. both of those parts of the group did not do well. banana republic is the one bright spot for the gap.
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then gamestop. and gamestop said the delay of the game titles is going to hurt their numbers going forward. recent one that was delayed was assassins creed. this is why they came out with numbers. both of these numbers basically in the forecast are missing. they are two retailers that came under pressure, liz and dave. on a day we close at a record, gap and gamestop did not participate. david: i want to mention, the dow rallied 175 points this week. three stocks amounted for half of this week's 175-point rally. visa, caterpillar and boeing. because the dow relies heavily on these three stocks for component number, a fully half of that 175-point rally came from these three stocks. thanks, nicole. liz: the s&p futures closed just seconds ago, back to dan hawk in the pits of the cme for monday, a shortened holiday
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week. >> that's correct, today we had a very narrow range the last half hour. it appears that the futures are relatively comfortable at this level. i was getting nervous 1:30 chicago time. the nasdaq did go negative given all the gains this morning. that did not happen. closing on a fairly positive note, we only had half to a dollar range in the last 25 minutes of the day. they're comfortable at this level, and it's an all-time high. david: have a good weekend. >> thank you. liz: day after day stocks pushing higher, the dow and s&p, this week at all-time highs. this is the 28th record close of the year for the dow. how about the s&p? the 45th. is there a downside to the upward momentum? we know that's coming. "wall street journal" columnist jonathan clements is here to sound an alarm, tell us whether investors could benefit from a 25% fall in stocks, jonathan?
4:17 pm
you even wrote recently in extremely popular columns that in october when we saw the crazy volatility, you were hoping for a 25% slice. why? >> anybody, anybody who plans to put money into the stock market in the years ahead, maybe you're going to reinvest fresh dollars in 401(k) plan, rebalance portfolio, maybe reinvesting dividends. whatever it is, wouldn't you rather buy a 2009 prices than at 2014? the fact is the tripling of the stock prices we've seen since march 2009 has turned this into a very expensive market. i'm not predicting the market will drop 25%, but given how much it's run up, expected returns from here are very modest. and so people should be a little bit nervous and rethinking portfolio somewhat. liz: i would argue investors are getting more confident. maybe the herd is late. perhaps the markets and stocks
4:18 pm
are fully valued, let's be fair call it fully valued or a bit expensive. what points on the globe, what areas elsewhere do you think aren't too expensive right now? >> take a step back, every investor should have target portfolio percentages, how much in stocks and bonds, and within the portfolio should have allocations for how much is in foreign stocks and how much in emerging markets. after what we've seen this year, a lot of people find they're overweighted in u.s. stocks. part of regular rebalancing, cutting back u.s. stocks. david: from where? >> adding to foreign stocks, focus on three areas, at europe, you want to be look at japan, and i'd also be thinking about emerging markets, each for different reasons. european stocks, everybody knows the economy stink, everyone is down on european stocks they are valued. and the best are current valuations. liz: if people are starting to realize jonathan marches to the
4:19 pm
beast a different drum, he goes where things are cheap at the moment. what sectors? what areas? what do you like right now? >> if you're going to invest, i'm a huge fan of index funds, one area you want to look at is exchange traded index funds. you might want to get etf that holds european stocks, might want to pick one that has predominance in japan, and also get in the emerging market stock exchange fund. any of the three big index fund providers have these, you can look at the spyders from state street, vanguard has great low cost etf's. liz: it took a hit in september through october and now it's starting to plateau a little bit within some of these areas. i guess you could argue there are names like samsung, taiwan
4:20 pm
semiconductor. these are not fly by night companies. they're companies that have done well, 10 cent recommended by a lot of stock pickers. china mobile, this is the eem. three month year to date, could look at this name and see what the top holdings are overall. pretty nice names. let's flip over to what you tend to like, this is the european name. you go with the quality names like nestle and novartis. >> in addition to having the large cap european stocks, complement it with a small cap etf, exposure to the smaller cap stocks where you might see more growth and the valuations are more attractive. liz: want to whip through japan and gdx, there is etf, ewj, that has big names, toyota, mitsubishi, honda, heavy on the autos. i get worried about that
4:21 pm
especially with the takata air bag story. >> it's true. anybody thinking about this, wanting to be buying diversified portfolio. what you want as ordinary investors is not pick two or three stock, if you own diversified exposure to the countries, you should ride rebound. liz: in deference to my co-anchor david who loves to talk gold. you like gdx, the miners have been beaten down. go for the cheapies that are unloved. >> it's been four years of terrible performance for gold and gold stocks. i don't know whether they're coming back next year, the year after. if you take a portfolio and you add two, maybe 3% to gold stocks and regularly rebound back to that 2 or 3% every year, you're going to pick up the rebalancing bonus and if there's a rebound in gold, you will be happy and it will occur when u.s. stocks are falling. liz: check out his amazing column every sunday, jonathan
4:22 pm
clements personal finance guru, thank you so much. david: i love jonathan. great stuff. president obama announcing his plan allowing millions of illegal immigrants to stay here to work. what happens now? steve forbes joining us to how republicans will respond? stocks rise as central banks in china, japan and europe with more money printing, while the fed begins to turn off the spigot over here. how much longer can the u.s. equities market benefit from overseas. that's coming up next. iprise as a simple question: in retirement, will you outlive your money?
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david: first things traders today when we saw europe, japan, china floundering again put in buy orders on u.s. stocks. u.s. futures were way up because of bad news abroad but how much longer can this continue? how much longer can we benefit from problems over there? let's bring in our panel. we have fox business's tracy byrnes, steve forbes, forbes media chairman and editor-in-chief, and brian
4:27 pm
sossi, chief equity strategist. brian, what do you think? first of all do you agree we're when fitting from problems over there? >> yes because we have not been trained to think otherwise, david. the market has not had a crash. i'm getting calls from clients, china cut interest rates, with can we buy? investors are not thinking critically of structural issues certainly in china but also europe. i think we're ultimately heading to that day of reckoning. if i cut off last earnings season i'm hearing growth is slowing in china and hearing growth is slowing in europe so i'm worried about next earnings season. david: steve, japan spent 20 years at zero interest rates. it hasn't helped their economy at all. if they think central banks printing money there will solve anything i think they're wrong. >> i think they're wrong. japan is staying in recession. they realize raising taxes is not the way to cure a bad economy. david: rise in value-added tax hurt them badly. >> increased it 60 in ape and
4:28 pm
wonder why economy went off a cliff and not recovering. countries that do a little bit of tax cutting, like spain is trying to do are showing signs of life. david: tracy, the question is, if indeed they continue to badly over there, won't it eventually spill over into our markets? >> we've been hearing about this day of reckoning how long? i can hear teddy weisberg of seaport securities saying don't fight the tape. do not fight this. you know what? if you stand on the slide lines to try to figure out why these markets are up i will have morality issues with yourself. you can't do that with retirement this think of. sometimes you just don't question why. david: okay. we heard the president layout his plans to stop deportation of immigrants so what happens now? typically, steve, from the republicans i don't see organized response from this. >> i think there will be one. i think they're trying to figure out what the best way to respond
4:29 pm
to this, those deportations, 99.9% would take place any way. david: is there a big split in the republican party? a strong growth contingent. >> those say no reform and some say positive reforms. what you will see a consensus on though, push things like removing or increasing caps for h1b visas good for the economy. green cards for students who get advance degrees in sciences. those things will be done. so i think there will be a positive approach. showing we believe in immigration reform but a legal one and a constructive one. david: i heard a i can't but from tracy. go ahead. >> it has to be done right though. i agree with steve 100% but if you don't do it right you will anger people who came here legally and went through the system. we have only added 6 million jobs since 2009. where is all this going to come from? there will be a lot of animosity if it is not done right and
4:30 pm
these people don't go through the property means. david: brian, what do you think will happen to the economy as a result of what the president announced last night? >> david, what we had last night, the president gave us what we call geeky analysts in finance world, investment thesis. what i'm thinking about something for instance like a walmart. they have partnered with a company called go dot, to offer mobile checking to the underbanked. there are 7.7% of the households in america are underbanked. walmart will collect fees by immigrants which are historically low income going to them and trying to cash their checks. secondarily i feel a lot of immigrants will come out of the shadows, cash play paying jobs. homebuilders benefit, low wages and benefits from lower salaries. david: steve, to that point, there is this program, part of what the president is describing that the old program we had here from the three decades from the '40s up to the '60s, unions killed it. bring in worker temporarily to do a project, six months and year project. go back home.
4:31 pm
>> project or seasonal work. we can do it with construction work in other areas. david: agriculture. >> but again, the key thing is, this was not done properly. so i think republicans have to show we can do these things properly, good reforms. i think that is going to win the day, rather than the president acting like louie xiv. >> we're not through with you panel. coming up next, do you think the u.s. economic system is stacked against you? don't we all. plus the jets and bills are headed to detroit this weekend. will that help the bankrupt city? much more on winter's impact. liz? liz: detroit. upstate new york digs itself out of record-setting snow, could a new threat be on the way? number of allegations against bill cosby pile up, could this mean the end of the comic's career? ♪
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4:36 pm
roofs, imagine seven feet of snow on your roof, and possibly an inch or so of rain. that will add a lot more weight on to those roofs because it doesn't melt and the water will not run off. it gets be a socialed into the snow like a sponge to additional weight. this is latest radar picture. a few fluries flying through there, an inch or two but nothing a big problem. temps incredibly cold still. feels like 16 degrees in buffalo. that will all change over the weekend. in fact tomorrow we'll get above freezing. you notice the green, we'll start to see the rain. a big storm across the weekend in parts of the south turns into a sunday monday storm across the mid-atlantic and northeast. then we see pretty heavy rain there by monday morning. this will be a very windy. a pretty potent storm, not cold enough for buffalo to be potent storm but all the snow no place to go other than melt rapidly when we see the warm temperatures we'll be dealing with. unfortunately the rain there.
4:37 pm
big concerns all the way through the weekend. one other concern after this, liz is behind this warm weather it will cool down again. so monday we have 58. but then tuesday, wednesday of next week we cool things down again. we could see freezing again on top of that melted snow, water in there. freeze those temperatures. then you have big blocks of ice everywhere. these don't go away quickly. liz: freeze-thaw, i love that. rick reichmuth thanks for keeping us posted on the weather. >> you bet. david: wall street's giddy ride up, 56% of the americans think the economic system, quote is stacked against them. according to brand knew "wall street journal" poll. let's bring back our panel, tracy byrnes, steve forbes and brian sossi. tracy, it is never good when americans think the economy is rigged, is it. >> nope. it is all about jobs of the face it we haven't seen hourly wages go up. 770,000 discouraged workers stopped looking for jobs just in october alone, david.
4:38 pm
so we have, it is all about the money that comes into your house at the end of the day and can you pay bills of your family. if people feel they can't, heck yeah, they will feel discouraged. david: steve, incredible thing about the polls, if you look at details, goes through all classes all kinds of people, white, black, poor, rich, middle class. rich are doing okay. middle class and poor and blue-collar, white alcohol lore it is across the board. >> median incomes haven't gone up the past six years. tracy talking about part-time jobs, the headline the other day part-time jobs, full-time business. people feel they can't get ahead. we're working hard. where are the rewards. they think something is fundamentally wrong and they're right. david: brian, no wonder the election went against the status quo. >> i think tracy, steve hit nail on the head with average hourly earnings. they're up 2% this year. look at recession coming out of the 80's 4%.
4:39 pm
post-dot-com bubbles, 4%. well-being of households are not improving. great example is walmart. food sales in the third quarter almost declined. target sales almost up marginally. that is not a good sign of the economy. what ultimately has to happen, businesses need to incentivize to bring $2.1 trillion overseas back to the u.s. to take risks. david: tracy. >> everyone said we were getting discount on gas and should have made a difference at home? that did not. that wasn't digging anyone out of a hole anytime soon. david: really, you believe that steve? >> i don't. >> i think it help as little bit until you go to the grocery store and still find food costs are way up. >> exactly. >> the fed is still devaluing our money. as low as inflation is it still hurt, doesn't it? >> it does. you have real problem with the food industry and cat herds and it adds up. dash cattle heards.
4:40 pm
david: the game between the buffalo bills and new york jets. it is postponed and will be played monday night in detroit. i'm wondering, brian, do you think this could bring any relief to detroit? they're pulling themselves out of bankruptcy? >> it certainly does not hurt it by any means, what i'm concerned about how the new finance committee they said up post-detroit bankruptcy, allocates $1.4 billion over the next 10 years to revive this blighted city. so game doesn't hurt but i'm really worried about what the politicians do with the funds. david: tracy, what do you think about detroit? >> i would like to see the game come back to new york quite frankly. aislei'm sure buffalo would have too. i don't think this will make-or-break detroit. nice to see we're doing something there but, we got a long way to go to help detroit other than a big football game. david: steve we had a huge election change, election change in which we now have what, 32 republican governors, a lot of cities have changed as well. do you think as a result of some of these changes troops some of these cities in trouble may pull
4:41 pm
themselves out of it? >> key thing, reduce taxes. still very high in many of these areas and reduce barriers to setting up small and new businesses. a lot of these cities crush those things with regulations. in terms of football for detroit, it is not so much having game there on monday night but detroit lions are first place in their division. they could be going to the super bowl. at that will do more than monday night. david: are you a detroit fan, steve? >> i follow football, yes. there is no fun following the jets right now. david: no, not at all. not at all. thank you very much, tracy byrnes, steve forbes and brian sossi. we do have one announcement, ladies and gentlemen. you all have reasons to stay home in a nice warm room with a tv in front of you tomorrow morning. 11:00 a.m., "forbes on fox" starring steve forbes, saturday 11:00 a.m. eastern time on the fox news channel. we've got a great show planned for you tomorrow. liz? liz: thank you very much. on the heels of president obama's executive action on
4:42 pm
immigration, many politicians are fighting back. coming up we'll hear what former governor mike huckabee thinks about the president's plan. famous entertainer bill cosby stand to lose a lot amidst a litany of disturbing allegations. how much money could the comedian lose? and will he ever be able to make a comeback? we want to hear from you on this. send us a message on facebook or tweet us @fbnatb. your answers coming up. [announcer:]startup-ny. it's working for new york state.
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david: bill cosby, once known as america's favorite dad is at center of a number of rape and sexual assault allegations. another woman has come forward. so far at least eight women have come forward with these charges. liz: netflix, tv land, nbc cut ties with the actor right now. what is the fallout? how much further does it go? can cosby make a comeback or is this end of his career? joining us lee hawkins, "wall street journal" celebrity business reporter. a lot of money has been made by bill cosby and networks that used him in the past but this is pretty bad. >> this is very serious thing he is going through right now. what comes down to the show tonight. that is very he critical. has a show in melbourne, florida. he will put that show on. his last show he received
4:47 pm
standing ovation. what he is trying to prove he is still develop rant. he doesn't have any forum for him to exercise and to prove that he is still popular. so -- david: but the way he is dealing with this, you have some problems with it. by the way there is an old pr way of dealing with problems like this. that was to do the silent treatment which is what he is doing. people like howard rubenstein, fame must pr guys would advise your clients, be quite. he had an interview with npr. they asked him, he didn't say a word. he had an interview with ap. they asked him. i have no comment s that the right strategy to use? >> that is the wrong strategy. he is old school. this is guy comes from era where celebrities weren't questioned. david: what should he do? >> he should be as transparent as possible, even to say there is gag order that precludes me from speaking about this situation and therefore i can't do it. say something. okay? i was supposed to talk with bill cosby and all of sudden i didn't hear anything from him when all of these things broke.
4:48 pm
and so he is, he is really mishandled his media strategy. it is a fragmented market now. is saturated. there are so many celebrities out there and celebrities don't control the media like they used to. so he has to be held accountable. liz: he may not be saying anything but a lot of other people are. here is just "the daily news." you can see, just lines of women who are saying that over the years, many years ago, he, either drugged them or raped them got them drunk and when you don't respond to any of this, it becomes a question whether there may be make, where there's smoke there's fire. >> lots of unanswered questions. what is ironic about this bill cosby is in the advertising hall of fame. he is the first guy since he did his add for white owl cigar in the 1960s. david: jell-o and all of those.
4:49 pm
>> establish this model you take the celebrity and leverage it and get all of the residuals from commercials. that is how he is worth over $400 million from residuals and syndication revenue. he had 1/3 cut of the syndication from the cosby show. david: what do you think happens now? he as you say, he has got no money problems at all with 400 million bubs. he could sit back the rest of his life and just enjoy his earnings. but he seems to be, to me more of an aggressive guy. he is not being aggressive handling this. he feels his his career is not over. >> well, definitely. he fact he still has buts in seats. is part of that. venue tonight he is performing has 2,000 seats. they're on ebay for $235 or amazon, one of the two. yeah he definitely has an audience. there are a lot of people who are still supporting him. he has got to stay out there. if he cancels this tour his career is over because there is
4:50 pm
no other forum for him. liz: when the networks pull out, that is where the real money is, syndication, shows. obviously nbc forget it, they were the original yes to the cosbys. they were heros doing that back in the '80s. people passed on "the cosby show". legendary networks missed out on what became a massive success. >> five straight years or seasons being number one in nielsen ratings. bill cosby made tens of millions of dollars on syndication. the fact he lost the nbc deal and lost the netflix deal, cuts him out of those future residuals. he would have made a huge leap forward if his wealth if he would have been able to go through this period and even half the success that he had with the the cost bishow. david: i have aaliahya kins question. >> all right. david: mr. lee hawkins, if you were told you he grants you interview and he said you can't ask anything about allegations
4:51 pm
what would you do? >> i hang up the show. thank you but if mr. cost biever changes his policy we would like talk to him. i would look like complete idiot and interviewed bill cosby and wouldn't say anything about that. we have obligation to report these kinds of things. it is not our fault much the fact he mentioned to ap, he questioned their integrity because they asked him, they asked him about the situation. well you could actually -- david: they agreed beforehand they didn't ask. >> that is -- david: went through that. >> absolutely not. not to cut them down but certainly "the wall street journal" and lee hawkins, we would not do that. david: good man. liz: thank you. fox business, we would ask too. david: "wall street journal" lee hawkins, thank you very much. >> google expanding its boundaries, by startup ways for a billion dollars last year, remember that? what makes the company so valuable. the ceo coming up telling us. david: as black friday deals
4:52 pm
kick off the holiday shopping season we'll break down the top retail stocks to watch next week. it's thanksgiving week. we're coming right back. >> hi, everyone, i'm gerri willis. coming up on my show at the top of the hour, we investigate a new threat to children. their stroller, graco, voluntarily recalls 4.7 million strollers after 11 kid are injured. we'll tell you what you need to know. that is just one of the big stories coming up on "the willis report" in just a few minutes. change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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david: it is time for the number one thing to watch next week. we'll bring back brian sossi. what do you have for us? >> black friday. it is finally here. i'm looking, i will be at kmart. david: why do you say finally? i think it sneaked up on us. >> part of our soul, black november. liz: kmart why? >> 6:00, open on thanksgiving. sears is struggling mightily. i want to know if shelves are stocks and people are there and how much staff they bring into the store. david: we find that out pretty quickly. we have our spies out at all these locations. keep it here on friday we should get numbers n what are you expecting? are you expecting us to do well or not, retailers. >> black friday to cyber monday might be better than expected. we're getting signs from target, jcpenney, sales started above plan or gas prices or low weather they're buying winter
4:57 pm
apparel. liz: they offer good online deals well in advance cyber monday. they're trying to get in on the black friday feel. >> that is why this is black november. a lost sales, even amazon. people started email in box have been bombed since the day after halloween. ultimately black friday is still black friday. crowds will be there. david: you're watching foot locker. >> interesting, foot locker's conference call, sales are up almost double-digit percentages in november. jordans are hot. $150 a pop. that gives me great read on nike earnings. dow component. liz: is there a lesser known name you really believe in right now? >> not necessarily lesser known but warmed up to target believe it or not coming off earnings call. >> the economy in general, if this holiday season is not what
4:58 pm
they hope it will be what happens to the economy in general? >> you will see it first many leading indicators on financial stocks. low plans and sales black friday, ups, transportation stocks, fedex fall off. david: we should know next week. brian, thank you very much. liz: a lot of big names hit the screen today on fox business. here is a look at some highlights. we start off with former governor mike huckabee on immigration. >> if i was on wall street i would invest in little cesar's pizza, image of barack obama on box. the new little cesar. that is what he has become. you just can't govern outside of the law. >> the technology you build definitely has secret sauce which is one of the reasons why google made public. they made it public more than a billion dollars. what are the algorithms, how did you build this product? >> looking from google perspective, we managed to build
4:59 pm
a community of people that care. we have our own maps. hundreds of thousands of people around the world who volunteer their time to make the maps better and help traffic in their cities. this is very unique to us and google doesn't have dna. now that we're part of google, it helps that bring that larger dna into the larger company. >> immigration is top topic on linkedin. has to do with the president's speech. this is major source of concern with people in silicon valley and any company that employs a ton of people. worried about getting people in, making sure they work at your companies and companies with high-skilled labor but also low-skilled labor. >> we had dan roth of linkedin on to talk about the number one most read piece on linkedin by all top executives. an article called, top 10 stupid things companies do to reject employees and make them leave the company. you have to read it. david: even smart people can do dumb things that can get your
5:00 pm
business in a lot of trouble. next week we'll look at a lot of things. nothing more important than brian sozzi said retail numbers as we approach black friday. a very important week. we will be here. liz: have a good one. "the willis report" is next. david: see ya. gerri: hello, everyone, i'm gerri willis. is your stroller a danger? that is now the fear for parents and for grandparents. more than four 1/2 million graco baby strollers are being voluntarily recalled. they are being recalled for pinching or even cutting off a child's finger, horrible. with more on this attorney debra broom bloom. great to have you here. describe for us if you could what is the safety hazard? how does the stroller work or not work? >> well, graco recalled the strollers, approximately five million strollers have been recalled. due to the fact that the safety hinges are defective of the so let's keep in perspective, less than 1%


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